October 9, 2017

Photo Festival Schiedam

THEME BLUEPRINT By 2017, both photography and graphic design are in a fascinating transformation process. These disciplines raise questions about their traditional origins and try to reinvent themselves. Many photographers explore how they can use the ‘traditional’ camera differently and use graphic design, including its spatial and tactile capacities to convey their view of reality. You […]
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July 9, 2017

Poppentheater in Ruimte in Beweging

Martin Soeters maakt al ruim 25 jaar theater met poppen. Sinds kort is hij in Schiedam neergestreken en heeft hij in Ruimte in Beweging een partner om nieuwe en bestaande voorstellingen te spelen en te ontwikkelen. In 2015 maakte hij in het kader van het Liduinajaar een erg goed ontvangen voorstelling over deze stadsheilige en in […]
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May 7, 2015

Spring of Art – workshop in motion !!!

Spring of Art is a workshop for children between 5 and 12 years given by professional artists. The workshop is taking place in Ruimte in Beweging. Photo’s impression: coming up soon via our media page!
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May 2, 2015


OPEN STAGE – SCHIEDAM Ruimte in Beweging is hosting OPEN STAGE – a dance program by New Dance Studios where choreographers get a chance to show max. 10 minutes of their new work (in progress), get free publicity and a chance to develop their piece for The Next Level. Program: Abundance collaboration DanceMixTheatre ENS/Rens Borkent […]
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March 2, 2015

Spring of Art

Spring of Art – workshop Ruimte in Beweging is offering 5 days workshop with professional artists for children between 5 and 12 years. Give your child the chance to explore his/hers own affinity with the arts, what he/she likes the most … visual art, dance & choreography, music & singing or film & digital photography […]
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March 2, 2015

Geen Kinderspel / No Child’s Play

‘No Child’s Play’ is a touching exhibition about Jewish children during the Holocaust. The exposition shows toys from children who during the war years were imprisoned in the camps or went into hiding. Thank to their toys, children of the Holocaust were able to forget their fear and misery for a while. Now, the toys […]
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June 10, 2014

Triple Bill

Reut Aviran and Aïda Guirro Salinas presenting their research project results in a form of performance. The two artists are currently working in Ruimte in Beweging developing their work. Their starting point is: women as the protagonist of the evening. “…this research and the final event are an ode to the different polarities within women, […]
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June 7, 2013


Research presentation by Johnny Schoofs and Wilma van de Hel in Ruimte in Beweging. An artistic collaboration developing performance and artwork touching the realm of fear and desire. Saturday June 8th at 20:00. (open doors with a welcome drink) Entrance: € 7,- Address: Boterstraat 81, Schiedam.
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April 29, 2013

One Night

ONE NIGHT is an evening of dance, poetry, music and art; touching the realm of fear and desire. Poetry: Billie Hanne/The Wheel ‘Palace’: solo performance that delves deeply in the language housed by the body. Dance & music: Johnny Schoofs & Hilde Elbers + Friso van Wijck & Goncalo Almeida ‘The Undercurrent’: The wild intuitive […]
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